Thursday, 4 April 2013

Found Poetry In Lord of the Flies

This is an island
Beyond that, the sea was dark blue
Blue of all shades
Polished waters

The open space
The perspective of the beach to a point at infinity
The whelming sea and sweet air
At midday, the sun gazed down
If not happily, at least with absorbed attention

Life was so full
To believe in the reality of the island
Work, play, and good right through the day
They accepted the pleasures

Then darkness
Dark with violent pleasure
there was no light left of the stars
Be frightened if you like
Maybe there is a beast
Maybe it's only us


The poem was a group effort with each individual member contributing lines and verses.

Ocean noises - Sara Zhang
Storyboard    - Henry Kim and Darren Kim
Animation and Software - Peter Shen and Mason Lee


  1. The animation and the ocean noises greatly improved the feeling of the poem. Excellent work!

  2. Wooooooah cool animation!! Now I can interpret the poem better than I did when u guys read it in class :D Great found poem and btw Rat Pack I like ur voice.

  3. wow, I really liked the animations,the sound, the affects and the way everything flows.

  4. Omg this was amazing guys :) good job. The animation was really helpful. I love how you guys showed the meaning of each word within your poem and interpreted it while making the animation.

    - Hana

  5. The transition from a happy atmosphere to an ominous one was well done. Overall I enjoyed listening to your group's poem.


  6. Amazing work with the video guys! Love our Found poem. :D

  7. Awesome animation accompanied by an awesome voice. What else can I say? Awesome job guys!

  8. :D nice flash, and i love ur poem!

  9. Haha, this is so cute. I like it : )

  10. I thought the the vocals matching with the animation was really well done. Furthermore, the last section of the poem clearly removes all speculation that the journey on the island will be a happy one. Very nice contrast and well done overall!

    Vincent T.

  11. feedback for your next poem: look at the rubric/checklist and don't forget the creative/original title and subtitle indicating source and author and page numbers
    -great combination of audio/visual
    -animation was well done and exactly what I was looking for in terms of effect and audience appreciation